My name is Andrew.


I’ve received comments (both on WordPress and in person) about this blog, and I’d like to guess that you’re probably wondering why it exists. Who would ever write about things that people hate?, you may be wondering. Or, how about, I couldn’t imagine that this blog existed!

My point is, this blog isn’t typical. Its not me, sitting here everyday, writing about things I hate. In fact, this blog isn’t about me at all.

Its about you!

Yes, you! My main purpose in creating this blog is to not only vent about things that I don’t like, but about things that EVERYBODY doesn’t like. And if you add in some quirky humor, rather than a relentless rant, I think you’ll find my posts enjoyable, comic, and, above all, a convolution of the human conscious.

Did he just use the word “convolute”?

Yes. Yes I did. Because I believe that, in essence, this blog is something that nearly everyone can relate to in one way, or another. The successful businessman and the stay-at-home mom. The unruly teenager, and the star pupil. Upper, middle, and lower class America. In essence, this blog is a way that all people can interconnect. And through it, we can see that, deep down, we’re not really that different from each other. We all hate the same issues. We all dislike daily inconveniences.

But what if I don’t hate something you write about here?

That’s fine. You’re entitled to your own opinion. Some of the posts I write may be controversial. However, I do write them keeping in mind that the majority of people are going to dislike what I’m writing about. And if someone disagrees about disliking something, they are entitled to it. But, you never know, maybe after reading my post on the subject…you might change your mind!

Overall, I would like to say this: This blog is meant to be a fun way for people to enjoy reading/talking about the stresses they encounter.

Enjoy reading. And please, comments, questions, emails, suggestions, and hate mail are all welcome. Don’t hesitate to put your two cents in! I want to hear from you!




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