Snobby Dog Owners

Snobs are bad by themselves. In fact, I should dedicate a post to snobs because I meet them everyday at my job at HomeGoods (which, by the way, I still work at).

There’s something to be said about a snobby dog owner. They take the cake for snobbery. They’re the snobs among snobs.

They think they know everything about dogs. They think that, because your dog is misbehaving, its your fault. And they make sure you know about it.

I bring my dog to a dog park. We frequent the park, and there’s always one lady there that, without a doubt, is a snobby dog owner.

She constantly bombards every other dog owner with her tactics on dog training, and refuses to let any dogs play with dog toys. She actually takes the dog toys out of the park by throwing them over the fenced in area. It’s sad to watch because my dog likes toys!

It doesn’t faze me though. I let my dog continue to play.

This isn't my dog. I just thought it was funny.

Her reason for doing this? Her dog can’t handle toys. HER dog gets upset when another dog is playing with a toy. My dog was playing with a toy and this dog comes over and starts barking. What ensued was a doggie fight the world would’ve never wanted to see. But it happened.

And then, what does she do? She yells at MY dog. Yes, folks. She yelled at my dog for something HER dog did. It was unbelievable.

She yells at all the dogs in the park. It didn’t faze me, again.

She’s such a snob. She likes to prance around thinking she’s the queen of the dog park. Like she’s in charge. NEWSFLASH: she’s not.

I seriously can’t stand her. I’m going to stop going to the dog park just because of her. Maybe she does faze me.


1 Response to “Snobby Dog Owners”

  1. 1 auntbethany December 3, 2010 at 9:06 AM

    Don’t stop going to the dog park! In fact, I would buy dog toys for ALL of the other dogs in the park, and announce it’s Free Dog Toy Day! Everyone will love you, and Snobby Dog Lady will have no choice but to find another park!

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