Bad Hair Days

I know I’ve talked about bad haircuts. But what about bad hair days?

Everyone has different hair. Some people have it easy. Guys with short hair, for example, never have to worry. It’s pretty easy to fix really short hair.

What about guys with longer hair though? Hair that needs some…taming. And girls. Girls have long hair (most of the time). They must have a lot of trouble in the morning before going out.

Let’s show a scenario. You wake up. You get out of bed. Maybe you take a shower. Maybe not. Maybe you overslept and you’re running late so you don’t have time for a shower. Or maybe you take your showers at night. Whatever.

Anyway, you get out of bed. You look in the mirror and BAM. There it is. The mop on your head that won’t be fixed no matter how hard you try (for at least today). And since you don’t have time to take a shower, maybe you throw a little water in your hair to wet it down. You try blow drying it. You try brushing. You try gel. You try mousse. You try everything.

It looks like shit.


What do you do now? You’re running late as it is. You can’t afford anymore extra time on your hair, so you just leave it. You let it stay that way. You let it continue to look like crap and you leave for your day of work/school/activities.

Now you have to go through the whole day self-conscious about your hair. It’s sad because every time you see your reflection in a window or a mirror, you freak out. You try aimlessly to fix your hair for the few seconds you have to look at  your reflection, but nothing works. It still looks like shit.

Reflections continue to haunt you all day as you continue to feel self-conscious about yourself. You wonder what other people are thinking. In fact, you just want to go home.

You finally go home and go to bed, exhausted from the day of thinking about your hair and how bad it looked.

This happens to me. All the time.


1 Response to “Bad Hair Days”

  1. 1 Stephanie Frances December 3, 2010 at 10:01 AM

    I love days where my hair falls perfectly! So this is definitely a good one. hahaha

    Thanks for sharing!

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