Waiting in the Waiting Room at the Doctor’s Office

I know I post a lot about “waiting”. But, let’s be frank: we spend a lot of time waiting. Waiting to cross the street, or waiting at a red light, or waiting on line at the store. Its just become a way of life. Especially if you live in New Jersey (like I do).

But when you’re sick, its just no fun to be waiting for the verdict, is it?

Folks, there’s something to be said about waiting an hour to see the doctor. An hour. And yes, I did wait an hour one time to see a doctor. And I had an appointment.

It was a simple checkup, but nonetheless, there I was, waiting for 62 full minutes. Imagine if I was sick. Dying, even! I could’ve died in that waiting room!

Now, granted, I wasn’t in an emergency room. So, everyone, I understand that I wouldn’t have died. But, you never know. What if a serial killer stopped by the doctor’s office and suddenly pulled a fast one and shot me?

Anyway, besides my death being on my mind, we all know waiting for the doctor is no fun. Its not like there’s anything to do in the waiting room. There’s a few magazines, and let’s be honest, nobody reads them. And if you do, you’re probably lying to yourself and everyone around you because you know you’re “pretending” to read it. Magazines are an outdated source of reading material. Everything’s on the internet now.

The worst part about waiting for a long time in the doctor’s waiting room is this: when you do finally get from the waiting room to the exam room, you have to wait LONGER for the doctor to come in. And, on top of that, he sees you for maybe 10 minutes at most. 10 minutes to diagnose a problem. At this point, I’m, of course, thinking, Why did I wait an hour for 10 minutes?



1 Response to “Waiting in the Waiting Room at the Doctor’s Office”

  1. 1 Dave February 26, 2011 at 6:46 PM

    Unbelievable, indeed. So, tell us…Entitled much? LOL. Fix your attitude and you’ll be a lot happier all the way around.

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