Bombs suck, don’t they? They kill people, right? So, why not hate them?

I’m writing this post in lieu of what’s been going on over in Asia (N. Korea vs. S. Korea). It’s kind of tragic, to say the least.

Why can’t we all be friends?

If we could all be friends, there would be no need for bombs, or warfare for that matter.  There would be no threats of being attacked, and there would be less killing in the world. Right?

Let me give you guys my honest opinion. I truly believe that North Korea is acting like an angry little child that isn’t getting its way. They need to wake up and realize that they are a tiny little country that nearly everyone hates. I really think they need to grow the hell up.

According to a reliable news source (I forget where I read it…), North Korea and South Korea are still at war, technically. They never signed a peace treaty, and therefore, never ceased warfare.

But, nonetheless, there needs to be something done about the tension going on over there. People are going to get hurt, and its not going to be pretty.

Bombs are terrible. They’ve caused enough anguish in the world. We should stop using them. That sounds about right.


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