Being Bored Out Of Your Mind

It’s a lazy weekend for you. You’ve been hanging around the house all day in search of something to do.

You’ve texted/called everyone you can think of. Everyone is busy. Everyone is doing something. You’re stuck…alone.

Being bored is an exhausting experience. You try your best to do stuff around the house, but it doesn’t work. You end up flopping on your bed in despair, and take a nap.

After naptime is officially over, you try to find something else to do. It’s to no avail. Nothing seems to be working, and in time, the day comes to a close. You didn’t do anything all day.

And it sucked.


Granted, we all need days where we can do nothing. I like to call them “mental health days”. But, there are just days where you want to get out and enjoy the weather, or get up and do something. And you can’t. And it sucks.

I know the feeling very well. It happens all too often. I want to get out and do something, but there’s nothing to do, and nobody to go with. So, I sit around and stay home…bored out of my mind.


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