Stubbing Your Toe

Stubbing your toe is painful. It’s right up there with hitting your elbow and jamming your fingers. Isn’t it awful?

Stubbing your toe has to be one of the most painful things to happen to us on an everyday basis. You know how it is: you’re walking around your house. You might be in a rush. Then, suddenly, BAM! You hit your toe into the counter as you’re rounding the corner. Profanities follow, including a curse to God perhaps. Then, it’s over and you go about your business as usual.

He stubbed his toe baaaaaaad.

The pain goes away quickly, unless of course you stub your toe so badly that your toe nail is ripped from its place and ruptures a nasty cut. That type of toe-stubbing is reserved for the masters.

Stubbing your toe is just another one of life’s inconveniences. It’s something we all deal with, and something that we will deal with until we die. Words of advice? Pay attention to where you’re walking, and maybe it won’t happen. Taking an extra 5 seconds to watch where you’re going may save you some extra pain.


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