Smelly Bathrooms

It’s bad enough when we have to use a public restroom, but isn’t just a drag when that restroom is disgusting?

Sure, I’ll use a public restroom when I really need to. But sometimes, they just make me want to vomit.

I feel that if you’re going to have a restroom somewhere, at least keep it clean. That’s all I ask for. Keep it clean. Don’t let it fester in germs and filth for hours/days/weeks at a time. When people need to go…well, they want to go somewhere acceptable.

Gas stations are the worst culprits. I know, they’re gas stations. But, at least have the decency to clean up. I know it’s a gas station. I know it’s already gross there. But at least have a little decency and clean the bathroom where the staff goes, as well as customers.

There’s not much more to say about this topic. Bathrooms that reek…well, they reek. They reek. That’s it. It’s gross. Avoid them.


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