Having Car Trouble That Prevents You From Going Somewhere You Wanted To Go

Having car trouble sucks. It’s probably up with your gas gauge being on E, or even worse, running out of gas.

Anyway, today was just another one of those days. I was driving down Interstate 287, on my way to visit someone with my friend Ashley, when all of a sudden, something flew off my car!

In fact, it didn’t simply fly off my car. It latched itself under my tire, and made it very difficult to drive.

What it was was a piece of plastic that fell off of the wheel well. It was a considerably large piece of plastic, and in order to continue driving…well, I had to remove the plastic.

It was gruesomely hot out (near 90 degrees), considering the fact that the temperature had been in the low 70’s for the past week. With sweat dripping down my face and body, I successfully jacked up the car, removed the wheel, and removed the nuisance, all with traffic whizzing by at 65-75 miles per hour.

Of course, now that I was paranoid about my car breaking down any further, I simply drove home. I didn’t go anywhere else.

I drove home, and luckily, my Dad was able to fix the car temporarily until I can get my hands on a new part.

After all this ridiculosity, here I sit at home, writing this post.


It was a treacherous day. I know my car trouble barely compares to car trouble some people might have experienced, but hey, it makes for a decent story


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