When People Don’t Park Correctly

Parking, perpendicular or parallel, can be annoying enough when people do park correctly. But, what about when there’s just those jerks that pull into a spot crooked and don’t fix it?

You know how it is. There’s some guy who pulls into a parking spot crooked. He’s probably in a hurry or something to get into Wal-Mart because God forbid he takes the extra 34 seconds out of his life to fix his car that’s blatantly parking over the line in a perpendicular spot.

Then, you know what happens. The person already parked next to this guy has a hard time getting into his/her vehicle because of the closeness of the jerk’s car. And once another car parks there, THEY have to park crooked because of the jerk. And then, the person next to them has to park crooked and over the line, too. It’s a never-ending cycle of bad parking.

Then, of course, the original parking culprit leaves the store to return to his car to find other cars parked poorly. Oh well, not my problem, he may think to himself. But it is. It is his problem. He caused it, right?

This guy didn't park right, did he?


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