When Your Parents Scold You

Okay, now, here’s something I think everyone in the world hates, or has hated in their past. Your parents scolding you.

You know how it is. You do something bad. They find out. You get scolded. Its really that simple.

Is it so simple though? No, of course not. Then, you have to get a talking to. Yes, its a beautiful speech filled with scolding and maybe yelling. Sometimes, it involves a series of arguments, all coming back to our infamous stance of “I didn’t do it.”

Here's a perfect example of a bad photo shoot.

Life lessons are learned, and we move onto more and more scoldings until we’re grown up. Then, of course, we get grown up scoldings. Not to say I’m that grown up, but I can imagine what its like to hear something like “When are you going to get your life in order?” or “Do you know how to raise these kids? What’s wrong with you?”

Anyway, scoldings are bad. Let’s avoid them, okay? Okay.


1 Response to “When Your Parents Scold You”

  1. 1 expressionofme November 30, 2010 at 9:03 PM

    The worse type are the scoldings that are disguised as advice. *Shudder*

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