Parking Tickets

Don’t parking tickets just suck?

Yeah, they do. Don’t even tell me they don’t. They do. You can’t argue.

Parking tickets are just plain awful. And don’t you hate it even more when you are parked in a timed area, and you aren’t even 5-10 minutes past the time indicated, yet you get a ticket anyway? Wow, that’s a mouthful.

Here's an expired meter. In case you've never witnessed one.

I was given a parking ticket once. Handicapped parking. It was incredibly stupid. My boss at the time told me I could park there because there was no other parking. And guess who decided to roll by while I was at work? That’s right, the police.

Granted, I shouldn’t have been parking there. But still: $283 later, and a court appearance later (because in New Jersey, a handicapped parking ticket is a MANDATORY appearance), I was free of that ghastly ticket.

Tickets in general are awful. But, without a doubt, parking tickets are just horrendously annoying. I mean, at least with a speeding ticket you know for a fact that you really were doing something wrong…right?


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