When Your Pet Uses the Bathroom in Places They Shouldn’t

This post is for all the pet owners out there…and I know there’s many, so let’s get to it.

We all know its a treacherous journey in training your cat to use the litter box, or your dog to “do his business” outside. But seriously, when they go to the bathroom around the house, its just plain gross.

Just picture it. You walk in, and there it is, on the floor. Its even worse when you have carpets in the house, and you find your carpet piss-stained, or smeared in feces. Yes, feces. I said it. I did.

And when your pet is trained, its even worse. Then, you just get plain angry about it. Because, after all, they know better, right?

The worst part is the clean up, naturally. You have to get down and dirty in your pet’s business, and clean up their undesirable waste. Its just GROSS.

He looks so cute.


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