When the Power Goes Out At Night

Doesn’t it suck when the power goes out…at night?

Think about it. It’s dark outside. And now, suddenly, its dark in your house. Two darks equals MEGA-DARK, right?

And quite frankly, I don’t see (pun intended) how you’d be able to see in the dark.

You have to rummage around for candles and flashlights because God knows you don’t have any of those ready to go. It’s not like the power goes out every day.

My favorite thing to do is call the power company to ask about the power outage. In my area, every single time the power goes out and my family calls, we get the following response: “A squirrel probably ran across the power line.”

A SQUIRREL?! That’s right ladies and gentlemen. A squirrel caused all of my dismay. I guess they should invent “better” power lines?

They look like Lego men.


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