Having “One of Those Days”

Ever go through a day just wishing it would end? Well, then you’ve probably experienced “one of those days”.

It probably started off bad. Maybe, when you hopped in the shower that morning, you lost hot water. Or, as you walked down the stairs, you slipped and fell and smacked your head on the bottom stair. Maybe, when you got out of bed you hit your head on the ceiling fan, and in your morning stupor, didn’t realize it until you did it a second time. Or, when you poured the milk into your cereal, it was sour and your breakfast was ruined.

Whatever happened that morning, everything that happened afterward just wasn’t any better.

You probably started your car and found that you had no gas. So, you drove to the gas station only to find that you had forgotten your wallet at home. So, you quickly rush back home. But on the way back to the gas station, your car just simply gives up and runs out of gas.

So, you have to call a tow truck to bring you gas. The tow truck takes awhile to get there. Luckily, your car stopped near a Dunkin’ Donuts. So, despite your breakfast being ruined, you managed to get some hot coffee. And spill it all over your clean white shirt on the first sip (because naturally, on days like this, the lid will always fall off).

Once the tow truck arrives, and you have enough gas to make it to the gas station to get some more, you pay the driver a hefty sum and drive off. Now your car is filled up and ready to go.

You get to work to find out, due to your morning mishaps, you missed an important meeting. On top of that, all of your co-workers can’t stop staring at the big, dark stain on your shirt from the spilled coffee. Because yes, you couldn’t go home to change. You were already late for work.

So, lunchtime comes around. You decided to bring lunch today rather than buy it because times are tough. You packed a delicious meal the night before and didn’t bother to look at it this morning. You open it up to find that the bread on your sandwich has molded slightly because you accidentally left it out all night. And you would buy lunch, but you just spent way too much money on your morning mishaps that you don’t have enough cash/credit.

So you go hungry until you leave work. As you start to walk outside, it begins to rain. And your car is parked all the way on the other side of the lot because, after all, you were late.

Wouldn't it suck if rain followed you?

You arrive home successfully, only after driving through maximized rush hour traffic due to the rain and a three car accident that blocked up the highway during your commute. You unlock your front door to find you left a window open, and the rain had poured in for the past two hours. You immediately shut  the window, and turn around to start cleaning up the mess, but end up slipping on a puddle and smacking your head on the floor.

After tending your damaged head and cleaning up the mess, its time to eat some dinner. You choose to have leftovers because, after a day like today, you don’t want to risk cooking. You grab a carton of leftover Chinese, and subsequently, you knock over a Tupperware container that’s filled with some creamy leftover soup.

And it spills all over the floor.

You stick the Chinese in the microwave while you clean up yet another mess. It surprisingly doesn’t take you that long to clean up.

At this point, you’re ravenous for food because you skipped lunch, so you grab the Chinese and immediately stick a forkful in your mouth before sitting down. It seems as though you’ve  put it in the microwave for a little too long because the delicious food scalds the inside of your mouth.

After downing a glass of water, you finish your Asian meal. You take a seat at your desk to check your personal email, but the chair seems to give way, and you fall straight to the ground.

You pull up another chair and begin checking your email only to find that you have none. And you leave your desk feeling unloved.

You lay down in bed because, after today’s events, you can’t fathom doing anything else. You immediately fall asleep, too depressed to do anything else.

You’ve just had “one of those days”. And it sucked.


This guy had “one of those days”:

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3 Responses to “Having “One of Those Days””

  1. 1 Becky Holland June 28, 2010 at 10:17 PM

    Hilarious! Love the new blog!! BTW… Rain does actually follow me, but instead of having “one of those days” I decided to write about it instead… http://becky-holland.com/Blog/2010/06/finished-it-friday-purgatory-was-nothing-bring-on-the-apocalypse/

  2. 2 Cambria July 5, 2010 at 2:58 AM

    Dude can I marry you!? Writing like this makes me happy! I LOVE your blog.

  1. 1 Having Car Trouble That Prevents You From Going Somewhere You Wanted To Go « Stuff You Should Hate Trackback on August 29, 2010 at 7:47 PM

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