People Who Smell Bad

We’ve all had at least one encounter with someone who smells rancid.

Whether it was on a bus or train, a workplace or public venue, a restaurant or a bar, one thing is for certain: smelly people smell.

The worst part about an encounter with a person who smells bad is this: you don’t want to make them feel bad so you have to pretend that you don’t notice. But sometimes, its so bad that the eyes start watering up, and you start vomiting in your mouth.

You try your best to keep your nose as far away from them as possible. But somehow, the smell haunts you. It wafts into your nostrils, enters your nasal cavity, and there it is again: the smell.

This is why deodorant was invented. To keep bad smells away! And you can’t help but wonder, do these smelly people use it?

Do they shower?

They probably do. Just not as often as non-smelly beings. Personally, I shower daily.

The sad part of all this is that smelly people don’t really realize that they smell bad. Unless you’re sniffing your pits every 10 minutes, you won’t know if you’re emitting a horrible body odor. And even if you do, the odor isn’t that bad to you because its your own odor. Did you ever notice that? When you smell your own odor, it smells fine. But if you smell other people’s odors? IT REEKS.

General rule of thumb for everyone: Shower at least every other day. Always wear a layer of deodorant.

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