Oil Spills

Hey, I know this sounds like a cliché post, but does anyone like oil spills? No. So, I figured, why not add it to the list of stuff you should hate?

Let’s be real here. There’s a report on the BP oil spill practically every 5 seconds. Whether its on the internet or on television, everybody won’t stop talking about it.

And you know why? Because its still not fixed.

Friends, we’re going to be hearing about this oil spill for years. YEARS! Isn’t that just disgusting?

And BP seems to think they’re doing a good job. But when you wait almost 2 months too long to take action, and use your billion dollar company for a $50 million ad campaign rather than a $50 million clean up plan, you tend to find that you’ll have a much bigger problem on your hands.

So, let’s run through a list of why we should hate oil spills:

  1. They cause a lot of damage to oceans
  2. They kill friendly sea animals like turtles
  3. They hurt business in the area (and the economy overall)
  4. They dominate our news outlets (especially if they’re really bad)
  5. They ruin beaches
  6. They hurt friendly land-living animals like seagulls
  7. They’re freaking ugly
  8. They take a long time to clean up

I’m sure there are plenty more intricate reasons as to why we should hate oil spills. But that’s a basic list.

Comments on this issue? Please comment!

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2 Responses to “Oil Spills”

  1. 1 megan June 14, 2010 at 4:29 PM

    another good reason for hating oil spills, and one that gets in my brain and nags AFTER i’ve already dealt with being sad about the animals and the beaches and the entire ecosystem, is the sheer waste of a valuable resource. a resource we should be focused on replacing, yes, but a valuable and limited resource just the same.

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