Walking Into a Room and Forgetting Why You Went There

The human memory is an incredible system. It works in astounding manners. People can recall things for years to come, as if it happened yesterday.

So, why, when we walk into the next room, do we simply forget why we went there?

It’s a terrible situation. It really is. It happens to you. It happens to me. And we all hate it.

Let’s say you’re just about to go out. And as you’re just about to leave, you realize you need something (say, your wallet/purse). You walk to your bedroom, where that object might be, and BAM! Why did I come in here?

So, you start leaving again, and as you start your car, you suddenly remember. My wallet! And you’ve just had a revelation.

And then, the process may repeat, or you may ACTUALLY get your wallet. I’ve been known to leave on a few occasions without it.

I think everyone deserves one of these! countywife.blogspot.com

Maybe you’re walking down the stairs to grab a movie to watch in your bedroom (or if you live in an apartment building, maybe you’re getting your mail). You reach the bottom of the stairs, and suddenly, you wonder…Why did I come here?

Personally, I used to experience short term memory loss at my old job as a cook. We had two rooms: a kitchen and a prep room. As I would walk from the kitchen to the prep room to grab something I needed, I would completely forget why I went there. Even if it was urgent.

Why does this happen to us? It’s psychology. Your short term memory holds approximately 5-9 items in its storage, and only for 20-30 seconds at a time. Anything that is deemed important is shifted into our long-term memory, where it stays for much longer. Anything else? Its dropped out of our short term memory immediately, and forgotten.

How Memory Works...for those interested. softwarecreation.com

So, the next time you want to remember why you’re going to a room, keep it in your conscious, and you might not forget. Or you might. If you’re too absent-minded, this just might be too much for you to handle.

How Memory Works

How Memory Works and Tips to Improve It

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