When It Rains and You Have Outdoor Plans

Sometimes, I love the rain. Its refreshing. It gives me an excuse to stay inside. Add in some thunder and lighting and I am set.

But doesn’t it suck when you have some outdoor activity planned, and it rains?

Yes, you have your Fourth of July BBQ all planned out. Aunt Lisa is bringing the potato salad, your brother-in-law is bringing apple pie, and you are making the main course: enough ribs, hamburgers, and hot dogs to feed a small nation.

The day arrives. You’ve got your Fourth of July gear ready: American flags, streamers, American-themed tablecloths. You’re ready to go.

And then, without warning, the sky darkens, and it begins to pour.


Quick! Bring everything inside! Shut the grill off! Batten down the hatches! Run for your lives!

It sure sucks, doesn’t it? What about a hiking trip you have had planned for weeks? And it starts to rain? Sure, a little rain never hurt anybody, but it sure does suck when you are hiking for hours in the rain.

And camping in the rain is a nightmare. It’s just a horrible mess.

How about when you’re on vacation in some tropical, beautiful location, and it starts to rain? The whole point of the vacation was to soak up some Sun, and you’re stuck indoors.

I can imagine that the worst luck would be having to have your wedding while it is raining. How inconvenient! But apparently, its lucky…who knows?

Rain sucks at times. Especially when you have to drive in it. It backs things up, and causes accidents (which are life-theatening…that’s bad!)

Comment on this post and share some bad rain experiences you’ve had. I know we all have our share!

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