The Gas Gauge Being on “E”

Gas is one of the most expensive parts of everyday living. In our society, we rely on our cars to bring us from point A to point B (unless you utilize public transportation).

That being said, isn’t it just heart-wrenching when your gas light comes on?

Now you have to find a gas station. Or you can wing it. Eh, I can make it home. I’ll get gas later.

But as the gauge continues to dip closer and closer to “E”, you find yourself in a panic. Your beloved method of transportation is being threatened right before your very eyes! Oh no!

And what if you’re on a long drive? Maybe you’re on a stretch of highway longer than you’re accustomed to. And you’re not sure where the next gas station is. And you can’t find one. And the gauge continues to drop. And then, out of nowhere, guess what happens?

You run out of gas.

What a dreaded experience. I’m sure its happened to a few of you.

Anyway, if you’re lucky to find yourself a gas station, you’re likely to pay an arm and a leg at the gas station that you find after a long stretch of deserted highway. And that just plain sucks, too.

Wow...steep prices...

Let’s hope you have cash on you. Its always cheaper with cash, right?

This blog has tips on finding cheaper gas. In case you were interested. I know I always am.

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7 Responses to “The Gas Gauge Being on “E””

  1. 1 The Gangster of Love June 10, 2010 at 11:12 PM

    You could syphon gas from someone who looks like they are an illegal immigrant, those guys never report anything.

  2. 4 The Gangster of Love June 11, 2010 at 5:13 PM

    True. Arizona has gone all hardcore on anyone that doesn’t look “American”.

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