Getting a Bad Haircut

You know, there’s nothing else in the world that quite offsets your day than when you get a bad haircut.

You walk into the salon. You say to the smiling hairdresser, “Just a trim, please“, and then, she starts cutting.

Something doesn’t look right. She took off THAT much? What’s she doing now?!

I get scared every single time I go to the hairdresser. Because frankly, I’m never sure what to expect. Sometimes its good…and sometimes I want to cry.

And I’ve seen girls cry from a bad haircut. It’s not pretty.

This would suck. Pretty bad.

So, from best to worst, its either too long, too voluminous, too short, or (the worst) too thinned out.

The worst part of a bad haircut, however, is when the hairdresser asks you, “What do you think?” And, of course, the majority of the population says, “Oh, its great!” so that they don’t hurt her feelings.

So, after lying to the hairdresser, and giving her a tip because you still feel bad, you leave. While you’re in your car, or on a bus, or what have you, you’re looking in every reflective surface possible. You are staring down that hair. You move it around with your fingers, fluff it up, pat it down, part it. You try to make it work. And nothing seems to work.

So, you either cry, or suck it up and wear a hat for two weeks. Or both.

And what happens when the haircut is perfect? Well, you can celebrate like they do in that commercial about beer.

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