People Who Feel the Need to Comment on Everything in a Movie

And these people are at their worst in a movie theater.

A few weeks months ago, I went to see Shutter Island. I’ll have to admit, I did enjoy it. It wasn’t terrible. It was somewhat predictable.

Oh boy, a movie!

Anyway, this isn’t a movie reviewing website (unless you want to talk about really bad movies…then maybe we can make an exception). My point of telling you about my movie theater escapade (and believe me, its an escapade to go to the movie theater since I rarely go because its so expensive) is that there was a pleasant woman sitting behind me who felt the compelling need to continuously say “Wow”, “Oh my God”, or another insightful comment every 7 minutes.

And in that sentence: by pleasant, I mean rude and by insightful, I mean she sounded like she was a 4 year old who didn’t know any better. But this woman was well into her 50’s.

And she wasn’t just bothering me because she was sitting behind me. She was loud enough for the entire theater to hear. And it got to the point where, halfway through the movie, someone stood up and told her to “Shut the f**k up”! Needless to say, she was quiet, but she wasn’t happy. Because instead of loudly complaining about being told to be silent, she, instead, quietly complained for the rest of the movie. Which I could hear. Because I was right in front of her.

I managed to ignore her for the duration of the movie. But, obviously, she had left an impression on me because here I am, several months (or weeks? I don’t remember…) later, talking about it.

This is what I felt like...but I didn't say anything.

Granted, this type of thing doesn’t happen everyday. The movie theater companies have seen to that by displaying those neat little advertisements that tell you to SHUT UP during the movie before each movie.

I’ve spent all this time talking about going to the movie theater, that I almost forgot to mention in-home movie viewing. With television manufacturers producing TV’s bigger than ever, why even bother going to watch it on the “big screen”? You have a “big screen” right in your home. And you don’t have to worry about bothering other people…or people bothering you!

This is in someone's house!

Unfortunately, this always seems to happen: you invite some friends over to watch a movie, and there’s always that one person who feels the need to ask one thousand questions. Right? And, of course, nobody knows the answer to these questions…because they’re all at the same point in the movie you are, my question-asking friend!

Granted, sometimes they ask questions because they missed something. But I’d like to point out, its not my job to keep up with the movie for you. So, pay attention. Its a confusing movie, I know…but if you watch it instead of running your mouth the entire time, maybe you won’t have to ask questions…and continue to run your mouth.

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1 Response to “People Who Feel the Need to Comment on Everything in a Movie”

  1. 1 aproperfool June 9, 2010 at 12:18 PM

    I hate movie theaters for the same two reasons-price and obnoxious people. I have started waiting a month to see movies, then hitting them at the dollar theater. I don’t care if people talk there.
    I recently had people over to watch The Graduate. Which I quite enjoy. In the middle of the movie, my boyfriend and my sister’s boyfriend started a heated debate on music in the 60s. I politely requested that they SHUT THE HELL UP, but they insisted. We now have girl movie nights only, though we still keep the boys around for non-movie-watching activities.

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