Crying Babies…and Their Parents

Babies are precious. They are beautiful. I truthfully love babies…without a doubt.

But when they start to cry, all hell breaks loose.

The worst place for a baby to begin crying is, undoubtedly, on an airplane. I don’t really need to tell you that…do I? I mean, let’s be serious for a second. You can’t leave an airplane. The new parent(s) can’t simply just walk up to the plane door and say to the flight attendant, “I’m just taking him out for a second.”

Babies cry for no reason sometimes: because they want attention. They’re like little attention whores. Its like a drama queen causing drama because he/she wants attention (and don’t tell me you don’t have a friend who does this…)

But on a plane, let’s be frank…babies cry forever. It seems like nothing can calm some of them down. And then, for the duration of the flight, the seemingly innocent parent gets dirty looks from every single person on the plane. Someone may even say, “Can’t you shut him up?!”

Don't piss him off.

Babies sure are ugly when they cry, aren’t they? They’re so cute when they’re happy, or calm. But when they cry, they might as well be one of the ugliest creatures on the planet. Their faces get all red, tears streaming down their face, boogers flying everywhere…and they can’t control it. They don’t understand emotion…yet.

I can certainly forgive a baby for crying. I mean, how can you blame a baby? They’re fragile. They’re too young to understand how obnoxious they are. You just can’t blame them.

However, it truly bothers me the MOST when a parent carelessly ignores the crying baby. And I’m not talking about at home. At home, a parent can do whatever the hell they want. I’m talking about in a public place…like a grocery store…or on a bus.

Frankly, its just rude to let your baby scream and shout in a public place. Other people are attempting to go about their business. They don’t want your screaming newborn grazing your ears with a decibel rating that rivals the noise of a rock concert (in such a contained space…sometimes it does!)

And to the possible new parents reading this…which there might be (who knows?), put yourself in the same situation. Imagine yourself sitting on a train, and the newborn across the aisle from you begins screaming its head off, and his parent refuses to pay any attention. You would hate it. And so does everyone else.

Truthfully, parents ignore their children when they cry because the baby needs to learn that it can’t always get its way. I get that. But, in a public place…don’t annoy people with your brilliant parenting skills. Because nobody wants to hear it.

If anyone’s interested, here is a great article on why babies cry, and how to calm them down.

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