Ahhh, yes. Money.

Money makes the world go ’round. Money buys you nice things. And money is also a reason for the existence of poverty, hardship, homelessness, and occasionally, depression.

Despite the rich fiends of the business world, everyone should, without a doubt, hate money. Sure, its “nice” to receive money. Its “nice” to gain funds and assets. Its “nice” to receive money as a gift. But when its gone, don’t come to me saying that you still think its “nice”. Because, frankly, it isn’t.

With unemployment rates in the U.S. higher than ever, more people than ever are hating money. I don’t think anyone likes to pay bills. I also don’t think people like paying for food. Or for that matter…anything.

Think about the last time you went grocery shopping. The “paying” portion of this adventure may just be the most stressful part of the entire ordeal. And “comparing prices” comes in second, shortly followed by “coupon clipping” in third. Nobody likes spending money. Unfortunately, everyone has to.

Despite how much you may hate to admit it, money does, in fact, “make the world go ’round”.

Money, however, has created a vicious cycle. Think about this: people work because they need money. And the only reason money is given to people who work is because it’s an incentive to not only make them work, but make them work harder. Companies need to pay people to get things accomplished and put out a product. And how do they pay their employees? Well, they put a price on their products. Products that the working citizens buy.

I’m sure this “revelation” isn’t anything new. But think about it. You are buying products that people are paid to make. Basically, everyone is paying everyone. Everyone is everyone’s boss, in an extremely round-a-bout way.

Now let’s think about something else. Without the existence of money, would people work? Probably not. But then again, would people need to work? Good question. Why do poor people exist? Because they have little money. What would happen if there was no money? Well, they wouldn’t be poor. Right?

Why does the government give poor people food stamps? Because they can’t afford food. Why do we have to pay for food? I mean, it is a fundamental need according to Maslow. According to Maslow, you can’t fulfill any other needs until your basic needs are met. And one of those needs? Food.

I also want to bring up another valid point: we can harvest and create food by ourselves. A grocery store is simply a convenience created by society. So, really, you’re just paying for a convenience. Because unless you’re a farmer, the only crops you’re probably growing are in Farmville on Facebook.

Also, water. Water is a basic need according to Maslow. Why must we pay a water bill each month? Because you could, technically, go to that stream nearby, with a bucket, and bring water back to your house. You could also dig your own well. But again, you’d need tools, and supplies. And they cost money.

My point is this: money sucks. It sucks to have to pay to own or rent something. It sucks to have to pay to live. And that’s exactly what lower and middle class America have to pay to do.

Your house is your money.


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