Animal Hair on Dark Clothing

You know how it is…

You’re all dressed up. You’ve got on those sleek black slacks, and your stylish blazer. For the ladies, you’re wearing a sophisticated black dress. You’re all ready to go. You might be going out to dinner…maybe even a first date? Or, you might have an important business meeting. Whatever it is, you are sporting your best clothing, and you look superb.

You’re just about ready to leave. You grab your coat, your keys, your wallet or purse, and you head for the door. And then it happens.

Fido just waltzes by for a goodbye petting, and decides to rub his fur all over your decadent clothing.

What do you do now? Fido’s wispy white hair has now moved from his body to the town of YourBlackPants-ville. And a quick brush of the hand doesn’t make them move back either. These hairs are statically clung to your clothing, whether you like it or not.

You rush back to the kitchen, looking for the Scotch tape. Where did you last leave it? Maybe its buried in that drawer on the left, next to the silverware. Who knows, because God knows that nobody uses Scotch tape anymore.

You happen to find a roll lying under your bed from when you wrapped your cousin’s birthday gift a few weeks back. You meticulously begin working. Patch after patch, hair after hair, you diligently work until every hair is removed. And just when you think you’ve got it all, Fido comes back for round two, and you have to start all over again.

Yes, friends. Animal hair seems to find its way into everything. Its even worse when you go to pick up a date, or a friend, and your sporting some snazzy clothing, only to find that their furry friend wants to find out who you are by generously jumping all over you. Then, you’re not in the comfort of your own home to fix the problem, and even worse, you might have to go out with the hair all over your body. You’d be lucky if your date offers you some Scotch tape before you steal away into the sunset, hair-free.


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